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How Internet Speeds Can Impact NYC Businesses’ Bottom-lines

Nov 3, 2017 9:55:23 AM

Businesses today are 100 percent dependent on their internet connection for everything from internal communications, client correspondence, paying vendors, and in some cases, getting paid for their work in a timely fashion.


Having access to high-speed, reliable and consistent internet is as important as heat or electricity. You cannot function in February in New York City in a dark and cold office space and similarly you cannot properly run your business–any time of year–without access to a reliable internet connection that can easily handle and run all of the programs and apps that have become commonplace in our working and personal lives.


A recent Huffington Post article discussed the exact pain points that we at Skywire hear about on a daily basis. We empathize with them but are thrilled when we can offer a solution to these problems. Within days, we hear stories of sweeping changes that underscore our mission of closing the gaps between the “haves” and the “have-nots” when it comes to access to high-speed internet for businesses in NYC.


You do not need to be a high-tech firm to need access to WeChat in order to get on a conference call with your manufacturer in Beijing or have a Slack account with multiple channels for both internal and external instant communications through the day.


Many business owners take for granted that when they rent or buy office space in NYC that the internet connection will be ready and waiting for them from day one. The fact that not all areas of NYC and the surrounding boroughs are equally blessed with high speed internet connections is a major source of pain that can cause businesses to lose money from both the impact it has on their employees’ productivity, corporate morale, and employee retention rates.


If your employees are spending more time out to lunch or in the break room complaining about internet access than at their desks grinding away at their respective tasks then you know there is a critical problem that needs to be fixed ASAP.


Additionally, your clients will notice a clear difference as well, once you remedy this issue -- both current clients and prospects -- which can prevent situations from occurring where your slow internet is a source of detriment to your company’s bottom-line. When you cannot deliver the quarterly plan or a new RFP you promised in a timely fashion because of a slow internet connection or lack of bandwidth to support the transfer of large files you must stop and think about the bigger picture and how these issues impact your brand’s overall public image.


Luckily, Skywire Networks can offer an alternative solution to breathe new life into any office’s internet connection—and your Company should immediately see a rise in productivity, office morale and hopefully revenue; or at least the opportunity to better function day-to-day with your clients as well as to compete for new business on a level playing field.

To learn more about what Skywire Networks can do to help solve your Company’s internet connection issues, click here.


Paul Harr

Written by Paul Harr

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