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Is Special Construction Killing Your Deals?

Oct 23, 2019 12:49:38 PM

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We have all been through it. We go through the process of identifying what we thought were “lit” facilities, prepare a quote for the customer and eventually win the opportunity.  Then after a month of back and forth with the underlying carrier, we get that deal killing news….SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION CHARGES!

Special Construction Charges are the ultimate deal killer and your client won’t pay them.  These are one-time construction charges that a carrier will apply to a deal when an end user building is not equipped with necessary fiber facilities.  Charges can range from $10k to $100k+ and 100% of the time these charges are not shared until the circuit has already been sold to the client. 

Let Skywire help you avoid this revenue (and commission) killing problem with our terrestrial fiber promotion for Q4.

Skywire Networks is eliminating special construction charges on more than 100,000 commercial buildings throughout NYC, Long Island and Northern New Jersey. That’s right, if you have either lost a previous deal because special construction costs came in too high or you are looking for a new quote in this coverage area, then let’s work together on getting these deals done!!


In addition to fiber, please remember that Skywire owns and operates the largest aerial ethernet network in NYC, ideal for the 100,000 buidings on this list that do not have fiber today and can offer dual-path diversity. 

Reach out to us today at partners@skywirenetworks.com and lets work together on bringing fiber to your NYC area customers without incurring egregious Special Construction charges.

Skywire Networks Team

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Paul Harr

Written by Paul Harr

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