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Skywire Networks Lights Up the Lower East Side of Manhattan

Oct 5, 2021 3:21:00 PM

Skywire Networks, one of NYC’s fastest growing ISP’s, having lit nearly 2,000 NYC Metro buildings, is excited to announce that it has added two newly served neighborhoods: the East Village and the Lower East Side of Manhattan, to the 50+ neighborhoods that the company serves today.

Skywire, which already has an existing network presence in the Soho and Tribeca areas, now has moved east to create quality internet in yet another important area of NYC that has been overlooked for quality internet and competition. With the addition of this new location, Skywire’s Network now covers a significant portion of Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn with more than 50 hubs and distribution points and a “near-net” footprint of more than 60,000 commercial buildings.

Skywire’s new coverage area, as shown below, has more than 1,000 commercial and 2,500 residential buildings in this footprint, more than half of which have poor internet options with little competition and primarily rely on poor quality coaxial cable or copper broadband infrastructure.



If you are a business located in this area of NYC, a channel partner or a wholesale carrier searching for high quality business internet connectivity please contact us at 1-844-SKYWIRE or sales@skywirenetworks.com

Alan Levy

Written by Alan Levy

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