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Skywire Networks' Broadband Saves Video Production Company in Flatiron District from Costly Move

Jun 13, 2016 2:45:50 PM

Slow Internet was Crippling Attitude Inc. as Uploading Large Video Files Became Industry Standard 

When Joe Baron founded Attitude, Inc., a post-production video company in 2005, he made a lot of decisions. One decision he didn’t have to make was choosing his Internet Service Provider (ISP), as Time Warner Cable was the only company servicing his Flatiron District building. In those days, a company that produces original content and specializes in image and brand defining campaigns, on-air promotions, marketing presentations and trailers, worked with video tapes, and Attitude, Inc. delivered hard copies to their clients in the NYC metro area.


“Fast forward less than a decade and instead of old fashioned video tapes, clients want their videos deliveed online, ” Baron says. “And these are giant files.” Time Warner Cable was delivering extremely low upload speeds with lots of down time. “Some businesses could accept down time, but mine couldn’t,” he says. Time Warner’s speeds could not keep up with Attitude, Inc.’s demands. A client would call and say, “I need something now.” Instead of uploading it to the client’s file server, Baron would have to physically send someone with a hard drive to deliver it. “One of my biggest clients was in Connecticut. It was faster to put an employee on Metro North to Stamford than it was to upload the video file to the client’s server,” Baron says. “My competitors were not doing this. If we had more than one file to upload, I would send employees home to do it because it was faster than uploading from our offices.”

Attitude, Inc. delivers gigabytes of files daily, so uploading is as important as downloading. The company desperately needed symmetrical speeds and cable could not provide this. Moving offices was not an option, as Baron had invested a lot in the infrastructure of his West 21st Street space, which housed seven full time employees plus freelancers. Then in 2015 the building’s landlord introduced Baron to Skywire Networks, the business division of Xchange Telecom, a Brooklyn-based telecommunications company that specializes in providing enterprise class broadband and voice services to underserved areas of New York City. Skywire Networks told Baron they were delivering broadband through a Fixed Wireless Broadband Network (FWBN).

First, Skywire Networks provided Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) service to Attitude, Inc. “From the day Skywire Networks came in and installed the service, my speed quadrupled,” Baron says. “They had us up and running in less than an hour and did the installation off hours so it didn’t disrupt my business,” he says. Attitude, Inc. has now been using Skywire Networks for a year, and finds their customer service to be responsive and expert. “They delivered on all their promises and we have excellent service – 24/7,” he adds. Attitude, Inc. currently produces most of their videos in HD but is moving to new formats with even larger file sizes. The company recently upgraded their service from 100x100Mbps to 400x400Mbps. And Skywire Networks can deliver even more speed if Attitude, Inc. needs it in the future.

“A week after we hired Skywire Networks to deliver our business class broadband service, clients stopped agreeing to get files physically delivered,” Baron says. “I deliver for air, so my clients have zero tolerance for late delivery. If Skywire Networks hadn’t come to the building when it did, I might not have been able to stay in my current location. That would have been very costly and disruptive. I would highly recommend Skywire Networks to any business that is dependent on fast, reliable broadband.” 

Brent Barbara

Written by Brent Barbara

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