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Spectrum's Employees Urging Customers to Leave

Dec 12, 2018 9:23:56 PM

Spectrum is so bad that even their employees are urging customers to leave.  

If you live in or have an office in NYC, there is a good chance that you are a Spectrum customer. If you recall, a few years ago Charter Communications purchased Time Warner Cable and created the Spectrum brand. 

Just over one ago, Charter was sued by the NY Attorney General for failing to live up to the promises it made its customers. The lawsuit goes on to say…"It is a consistent story of bad performance and a long-term business plan built on deceit," Schneiderman said.

Now we learn that even Spectrum’s employees are urging their customers to leave. In a recent article, Chris Erickson, a business manager for IBEW Local 3 states “We are humbled by the overwhelming support we’ve received from elected officials and the labor movement in this state. But we now have to communicate directly with Spectrum customers, educate them on Spectrum’s deplorable practices, and urge them to not only stand with our members, but save money by cutting the cord”.

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Alan Levy

Written by Alan Levy

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