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Striking Gold in Brooklyn and Queens

Nov 15, 2018 11:18:40 AM

Over the past ten years, the carrier and channel community has been selling Ethernet over Copper (EOC) as a higher bandwidth solution often used to replace T-1's. Carriers and Channel Partners in NYC (and elsewhere) that rely on EOC provided by Verizon are learning that the copper infrastructure is being retired and these circuits are at risk. This is already becoming a MAJOR problem for those carriers and channel partners that sell EOC services. 

Last week in fact, one of our partners brought us a multi-site opportunity, where a major national carrier was notified by Verizon that 5 or 6 buildings on the west side of Manhattan were going to have their copper circuits retired. With no other options available, the carrier had to send their end-user termination notices for these circuits. Our Channel Partner immediately reached out to us to determine if we could provide Internet connectivity to their customer. Skywire Networks to the rescue!! 

Unfortunately (not for Skywire partners), this is a story you will hear over and over again, EOC retirements by Verizon, customer terminations, revenue write-downs, etc.

Our extensive network which covers most of Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan can help solve the challenges with relying on soon to be retired EOC. Our network is especially dense in Brooklyn and LIC and other parts of Queens. If you or your clients have bandwidth needs in these areas, then Skywire is your solution.

Click here to view our Network Coverage Map.

The NYC Internet access market is there for the taking...Let’s take it together. 

Alan Levy


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Alan Levy

Written by Alan Levy

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