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What is more irritating your co-workers' bad habits or the speed of your office internet connection?

Sep 27, 2017 1:07:26 PM

Irritating coworkers and your office internet service have more in common than you think. In a survey conducted by Samsung last year, 1,000 office workers were asked what their biggest office annoyances were. Noisy and messy eating, uncomfortable seats and office temperatures and complaining all made the list of top annoyances, but a whopping 92% of people said that slow internet speeds and other technical difficulties were the most frustrating thing to deal with in an office environment.

Joe Baron, founder of Attitude, Inc., a post-production video company, would probably agree. When he started his business in 2005, clients were still getting hard copies of their videos. “Fast forward less than a decade,” Baron says, “and instead of old-fashioned video tapes, clients want their videos delivered online.” His Internet Service Provider (ISP) at the time was Time Warner Cable, which had extremely slow upload speeds with lots of down time -- something his business could not afford to have.

Moving to a new office was not an option, so Attitude enlisted Skywire Networks to provide Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) service. In less than an hour, Attitude was up and running again, with no disruption during business hours. Says Baron, “From the day Skywire Networks came in and installed the service, my speed quadrupled.” Now, nobody in Attitude’s offices will be complaining about slow Internet speeds!

Not sure if we can say the same for any of the other office gripes that may exist?!?

Paul Harr

Written by Paul Harr

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