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Xchange Launches Wireless Network in Brooklyn

Jan 30, 2013 4:50:00 AM

This wireless network is designed to provide fixed wireless voice and data connections to area businesses and residential customers.


Xchange Telecom Corp. has launched a new wireless network in Brooklyn. This wireless network is designed to provide fixed wireless voice and data connections to area businesses and residential customers. This network will supplement Xchange’s existing infrastructure, operated by Xchange over the last 10+ years and allow Xchange customers to bypass terrestrial network limitations, like much of the deteriorating copper infrastructure currently available in Brooklyn, and will allow these customers to receive highly reliable high-speed data and voice connections.

Built with two separate and distinct layers of services, the network allows residential and small business customers to connect with data speeds up to 25MBPS down by 5MBPS up, and to provide fiber class SLA protected wireless connections for larger business with speeds up to 1 GBPS.

The residential and small business network, called Skywire, provides data and voice services using WiMax technology delivered over 3.65GHZ spectrum. Xchange is the only provider of 3.65GHZ in the area, and using this spectrum allows it to deliver an outstanding broadband experience to it’s customers. This technology has become the new global standard for broadband access for web and voice customers. Also, given the recent events with Hurricane Sandy, residents of Brooklyn can feel secure in knowing that their phone and Internet service have a much more likely probability of staying live during adverse weather and a nearly certain opportunity of restoring quickly after calamitous weather. Long suffering business, traditionally forced to use unreliable DSL and low speed T1s, can now feel secure with their reliable, high-speed data connection. The Skywire network is transforming the telecommunications landscape in New York City.

The business-grade network, SkyWirePro, provides data services using point-to-multi-point (PTMP) and point-to-point (PTP) wireless connections. Using proprietary technologies, these connections give reliable, data connections at competitive cost and with the service level agreements that enterprises need. Large businesses, schools and medical facilities finally have the network options they need to support their networking needs.

For more information, please contact Xchange Telecom at (877) 853-8350 or visit us at www.xchangetele.com

Brent Barbara

Written by Brent Barbara

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