Skywire Services

Our solution is Skywire HQ – New York’s only Business Connectivity Platform that combines business-class broadband and adaptive voice systems to give SMBs – no matter where they are located – the same unconstrained Internet and flexible voice capabilitiesenjoyed only by the “haves” in Class A buildings in New York City. 

Skywire HQ has three components:

  • HQ Internet: blazingly fast Internet based on our private network and advanced connectivity technologies that we pioneered and which the City of New York is partnering with us to bring to as many neighborhoods as possible.
  • HQ Voice: an adaptive VoIP system that virtualizes the office phone and enables team members to communicate interchangeably with voice or text – using any device from any location at any time.
  • HQ Advantage: managed services that provide SMBs with the communicatoins department they haven’t been able to afford, which ensures that their Internet and voice systems are “always on” and optimized.