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Emeka Ibekweh @ Ascend Learning

The managing director of technology for Ascend Learning charter schools shares his experience of Skywire Networks

Emeka Ibekweh is the managing director of technology at Ascend Learning, a public charter school district serving ten schools across eight different buildings in the Brooklyn area of New York City. This summer Ascend plans to increase its district by adding two more schools. The school district has over 4,000 students in grades kindergarten through high school. Ascend started using Skywire Networks in 2013, and the service provider currently delivers connectivity to all Ascend’s locations. Emeka was responsible for the selection of Skywire Networks from the request for proposal (RFP) process to final decision. When Emeka joined Ascend in 2013 the school district was still reliant on T1 lines for internet access...

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 Joe Baron, Founder of Attitude, Inc. 

Slow Internet was Crippling Attitude Inc. as Uploading Large Video Files Became Industry Standard 

When Joe Baron founded Attitude, Inc., a post-production video company in 2005, he made a lot of decisions. One decision he didn’t have to make was choosing his Internet Service Provider (ISP), as Time Warner Cable was the only company servicing his Flatiron District building. In those days, a company that produces original content and specializes in image and brand defining campaigns, on-air promotions, marketing presentations and trailers, worked with video tapes, and Attitude, Inc. delivered hard copies to their clients in the NYC metro area...

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