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Skywire Networks delivers enterprise-class broadband and unified communication services to businesses and buildings in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and the Bronx.

Delivering Enterprise Class Internet with Speeds of up to 10 Gigabits.

Quality and Reliable Internet Enables Better Use of the Cloud and Increases Productivity.

Unlike Cable, Skywire's Upload and Download Speeds are Always the Same.

For Your Business

Slow internet can cripple your business and hurt your employee’s productivity. Fast, quality internet shouldn’t be a luxury.

Skywire provides enterprise class broadband and unified communication services to businesses located in NYC’s “digital deserts”.

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Commercial Buildings

If your building is located anywhere other than midtown and downtown Manhattan, chances are that your building’s internet is slow and your tenants are struggling. In NYC real estate, quality internet is a case of the “have and have not’s.” Don’t be a “have not!”

Skywire works with Class B and Class C building owners throughout NYC to dramatically improve internet connectivity in both multi-tenant and single tenant commercial buildings.

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Residential Buildings

Your tenants want fast, quality internet so they can stream what they want and when they want it. They don’t want expensive cable boxes and 300 channels they don’t watch.

Skywire works with residential multi-tenant building owners throughout NYC to dramatically improve internet connectivity for their tenants without any upfront costs to the building or the need to rewire the building.

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Let’s finally make better, faster internet a reality for you and your business!
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What our clients have to say

From the day Skywire Networks came in and installed their equipment, my speed quadrupled. They had us up and running in less than an hour and did the installation off hours so it didn’t disrupt my business. They delivered on all their promises.

Joe Baron

Attitude Inc.

Skywire's product has been a formidable, relatively low cost telecommunications option. It has been very helpful in attracting tenants to our redevelopment.

George Karnoupakis

Vice President of Vanbarton Group LLC

Having business-class broadband makes a property very attractive to companies looking to move into the city's new centers of commerce. Skywire Networks is allowing us to attract the perfect mix of tenants for the Zipper Building.

Greg Smith

President of JRT Realty Group

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